Best Resume Writing Tips for Freshers

Here I am sharing some resume writing tip, In this article, I am going to answer all or question regarding resume writing. there are some examples of question frequently asked, 7 Universal Rules for Resume Writing or How do I make a resume for a job? or How should you write a resume? or How do you write a professional resume? or How do I make a resume for free? or resume writing format or resume writing examples or resume writing template or example of a resume or resume writing tips or resume writing services or how to write a simple resume or how to write a resume for the first time. People if you want to prepare a resume in good format then follow these tips.

BJS Top 7 Tips for Resume Writing for Freshers by Bangalore Job Seeker

Resume preparation Tips!

#Ahh,...Gone through many fresher's resume format .....seriously very fewer people understand the value of good resume format :

1. Save resume in Doc format, not PDF.

2. Don't make a colorful resume : 3, Make it simple black n white with the good quality amount of info in a resume!

3. Remove your permanent address and edit your current address where u live or the same location wherever u seeking job!

4. As you people are fresher's so try to add all technical skill which you knew perfectly or which u know at-least basics! Don't add un-necessary technical skill which you really don't know :3 otherwise interviewer gonna ............

5. In Project try to add your team size, your roles, and responsibility, your project description in details!

6. Add your training details if trained in any ...

7. Always save your resume by giving proper naming convention for example.

Resume name should be:- YOUR_NAME_Degree_name_YOP || # Example: "Ashu_Btech(IT)_2011", While sending resume to someone please keep this in mind _


Email Subject Line: Fresher_Btech(IT)_2011_70%_Certified in Testing( based on your skill)

Email body or say Cover letter:-


The Human Resource Department

With Regards,

I am XYZ applying for the job post of a software engineer. As I am a quick learner and an innovative person, I can quickly adopt new technology thereby enhancing my skills and capabilities and I am best suitable for this job opportunity. Kindly find my resume for additional information. I will be highly obliged if you offer me this post. Please let me know about it at my contact +91-xxx or XYZ. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.


Yours’ Sincerely,

Aashu Only


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